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We offer a new generation of physiotherapy and sports massage therapy with a preventative edge. We care about you and your health, repairing body and mind.

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We use cutting edge non-invasive technology to repair the body and by extension the mind.

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We host top notch patient care services, affordable products and attentive customer care.

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Our staff has worked with a wide range of people from world class athletes to the elderly.

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Physical Therapy is a health profession concerned with human function, movement and maximizing quality of life to individuals across the lifespan. Movement potential may be threatened by ageing, injury, pain, diseases/disorders. Physical Therapy extends within the sphere of promotion, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. Physical methods, manual techniques and therapeutic exercise is used instead of medication and and surgery. The aim of Physical Therapy is to restore, maintain, maximize strength function and movement and overall well being.

Sports Massage Therapy and Sports Therapy

Sports Massage Therapy and Sports Therapy are both beneficial in the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries caused by strenuous physical activities in different ways. Sports Therapy is focused on injury prevention and rehabilitation and may also be used in the treatment of injury. Whereas Sports Massage Therapy is focus on providing relief to tired and tight muscles; and aids in flushing toxin from the body after competition and other strenuous activities.

Biomechanic Assessments

A biomechanic assessment is based on the cause-and-effect relationship between your foot, legs and upper body. A biomechanic assessment involves analyzing the body, its alignment and how it functions. If you are experiencing pain in your lower limbs and or back; a biomechanic assessment can be very beneficial to you. The biomechanical assessment will also identify what type of treatment is required; and whether further investigations are necessary.


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